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Rent vs. Lease Over the years we have seen many experts and their articles burst the similarities and differences between rent and lease. Yet here we are, confused and still unclear whether to rent or lease an asset. Concepts like rent and lease apply to all the things owned by human beings. They are vital legal documents that need to be completed before leasing or renting a property by the parties involved. The decision to rent or lease depends on the nature of the asset. You can rent or lease anything whether it's a piece of land or a laptop, a Boeing or a bicycle. On the surface, they seem similar but there are major differences between the two. Let's start differentiating between the two based on the constraints these work within. General Definition A lease is a contract between two parties where the asset is allowed to be used and controlled by another party for a defined period without actually buying it. Renting is a short-term agreement between t

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  55 Laptop Shortcuts To Increase Your Productivity   Ever been in a situation when you are in a productive zone while working on your laptop and you have to take a moment to use the mouse or drag your cursor to complete your next action? How does it feel? The moment your momentum takes a pause is one of the worst feelings ever because you're riding the horse of maximum productivity who just ate the creative power bar and is forced to slow down only to reach that highest gear of efficiency again. We all have been there and through these situations. It doesn't feel right at all. First of all, we rarely achieve this samurai state of working in our day and then when we achieve it we are taking a break only because we are unaware of the few hacks or shortcuts we can take to avoid such pit-stops and continue to ride our momentum to task completions. So here are a few keyboard shortcuts to save our precious seconds and streamline our work process. We should practice these r

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  RentaPC: Laptop on Rent | Macbooks | Desktops | iPAD | @INDIA 6 reasons why renting computers will change your life   Life is unpredictable. Let's imagine. You are all set for your investor's meeting. You have worked day and night to prepare a presentation with all the facts and figures. Since you're a smart professional you have studied your audience and in case of an apocalypse, you have also taken a back-up. But for some unknown reason, your laptop doesn't seem to switch on. Life just pressed Alt+F4 on your plans. One more with the new funding you are determined to upscale your team and grow your business to reach potential customers. You're confused as to buy new laptops or move to a bigger place to accommodate the new team. As with more power, comes more responsibility you are struggling to smartly invest the limited capital you have been granted. There are numerous scenarios we face in our day to day lives where we are forced to decide as quickly a

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  5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship With Your Laptop Strong Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. They are vital for our survival. We need them to turn our vision into reality. Even though it's a machine, we love and adore our mini desktops as if they are living beings. And why shouldn't we? They are always with us. Whether it's the crowded journey to work or the lonely night on the terrace. Their constant and unparalleled support gets us through every meeting whether the boss loved it or not. And though we can perform basic operations on mobiles but nothing can replace the familiarity and comfortability of working on our laptops. But just like any relationship this relation also needs our constant and continuous love and care. So here are a few ways in which we can strengthen our relationship with our laptops. Express your appreciation If you appreciate something, you're going maintain its originality. And to make sure your laptop continues

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Rent a PC provides Desktops & Laptops for a rental basis from a few days, months or even years. Flexible Contracts with Quick Support @ Lowest Prices Laptop Rental .